Concrete Raising

Get your concrete back to where it supposed to be and get a free two-year warranty


Polyurethane concrete raising is performed by making a few small holes in the concrete, injecting a polyurethane foam underneath the slab, and raising it to the desired height. The polyurethane foam that is injected is created through a chemical reaction providing a product that will last.

Downrange Construction - Concrete Raising

Traditional mud jacking uses a slurry mix which settles, where as polyurethane concrete raising is a chemical reaction. The concrete is ready for use immediately after the raising has been performed, thus not disrupting the client’s schedule.

A product such as foam may sound weak, however the foams we use are stronger than soil! The foam can easily support the weight of concrete and is much stronger than that of traditional mud jacking mixes. The holes placed in the concrete are 10 times smaller than that of traditional concrete raising.

With the cost of raising being approximately HALF the cost of replacement, polyurethane concrete raising is the solution. Polyurethane concrete raising has many application uses such as sidewalks, driveways, patios, steps, garage floors, amongst others. A two-year warranty is included in all polyurethane concrete raising.

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